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Posted by Ian Muckersie on 30/05/2017   Email

Visited the village last week from Australia. My interest is in the Mackersie Familly, and I was born in Kirkcaldy. Beautiful place!!

Posted by Jon Gilbert on 15/05/2017

An interesting site and a place I must visit next time I travel to Scotland. My 6th great grandparents (maternal line) have been traced back to this area - John Cassels is said to have been a weaver residing in Reminy(sic) in the parish of Callessy(sic). This is from an extract of the marriage of David Batchellour to Isabel Cassels in Cupar, mentioning her father residing here. Her mother was Rachel Alexander. I hope to find out more as time progresses.

Posted by Alex Kennedy on 26/12/2015   Email

I used to attend the Sunday school at this church in the 50s. I remember the minister at that time was Rev John Taylor, he came to visit me one day at my house which was right in front of the church. He asked me if I would ring the church bell after Sunday school before the service. He said I would be paid 1/6d per Sunday. I jumped at the chance to earn some pocket money, my first paid job. I used to get told off a few times for not ringing the bell long enough. I must have been one of the youngest bell ringers for the church, I was 8-9years old at that time. Great memories. My granny Helen Scott used to stay at the west end cottage and attended the church regularly. My whole family has strong links to the village since 1900s to present day.

Posted by Allison Spowart on 07/05/2014   Email

My mother, Allison Spowart, was born in Collessie on May 29, 1915. My grandfather, John and grandmother, Ann, were married in the church in Collessie. This May 29th we are celebrating my mother's 99th birthday. I visited Collessie 38 years ago while on my honeymoon and visited Annie who lived in Ivy Cottage. Would love to hear of anything about Collessie so I could pass it on to my mum. Braunda Bodger (daughter)

Posted by kevin anderson on 21/08/2013

Baptised FBY 1971 in Collessie Parish Church

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